Fleet  Preliminary list of registrations      
   Registrations confirmed to the SNT
       List Updated: August 12


 1 Sira        Sphinx                                 
   Finland            Confirmed
 2 Sira      Luna    Finland            Confirmed
 3 Modern     Gaulois    France          No participation
 4   Neptune     Catina    Switzerland   
 5 Modern     Yquem    Switzerland            Confirmed
 6 Neptune     Athena    UK            Confirmed
 7 Modern     Miss U
   UK            Confirmed
 8 Neptune     Saskia    UK           Confirmed
 9 Sira     Hispania IV
   France           Confirmed
Neptune     Enchantement IV
   France           Confirmed
 11 Sira     Wyvern    Germany           Confirmed
 12 Neptune     Aile VI
   France          Confirmed
 13 Sira     If
   UK          Confirmed
 14 Sira     SposaII    Germany          Confirmed
 15 Sira     Erica J
   UK          Confirmed
 16 Sira     Raven
   Canada          Confirmed
 17 Neptune     Aun
   Japon        No participation
 18 Neptune     Carron    Switzerland          Confirmed
 19 Moderne     Hollandia    Holland          Confirmed
 20 Neptune     Falcon    Holland
 21 Modern     Juanita    Australia          Confirmed
 22 First Rule     Elfe II
  Germany          Confirmed
 23 Neptune    Bera   Austria          Confirmed
 24 Neptune   Anne Sophie
 25 First Rule   Silhouette
   Germany    awaiting confirmation
 26 First Rule   Lucky Girl    Germany          Confirmed
 27 Sira   France     France          Confirmed
 28 Sira  Wanda     Norvège          Confirmed
 29 Neptune  Helen    UK
 30    Bluered
 France          Confirmed

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